Career Notes 10.1.23
Ep 169 | 10.1.23

Ted Wagner: Get that hands on experience. [CISO]

Show Notes

This week, we are joined by Ted Wagner, Chief Information Security Officer at SAP National Security Services, or SAP NS2. Ted sits down to share his story on how he got introduced into the industry and why he chose this as a career path. He went straight into the Armyas a second lieutenant in the artillery field after high school, which after his time was up he decided to move on and started working for a company that allowed him to do a management training program. After that he found himself working on IT projects which got him interested in the field. Ted shares that one thing that has helped him throughout his career is teaching about very technical terms and turning it into more operational or business like terms for his students at MIT. He shares that people getting into this field should get as much hands on experience as they can, saying "I think those are all things that can really help someone who may not have all the experience, but this is a pathway to, to learn." We thank Ted for sharing his story with us.