Career Notes 10.8.23
Ep 170 | 10.8.23

Suzie Squier: You're never alone. [President]

Show Notes

Suzie Squier, President of the Retail and Hospitality ISAC, or Information Sharing and Analysis Center, sits down to share her incredible story starting to get her into the cyber community. She first started getting into PR through an internship she did in college, then moved around a few times gaining experience everywhere she went. Suzie shares some wise advice, discussing not only her managing style, but also how she handles situations, along with how she deals with adversity. She says "I also have realized over time that I'm never in this alone, whether that's your personal life or your work life and even here, uh, in addition to a great team, all great team." She hopes people will jump in to the world of cyber with an open mind, and though it may be frightening at first, she says you just need to dive in anyway and not be afraid to try new things. We thank Suzie for sharing her story with us.