Career Notes 10.15.23
Ep 171 | 10.15.23

Susan Hinrichs: The cross between computer science and security. [chief scientist]

Show Notes

Susan Hinrichs, Chief Scientist at Aviatrix sits down to share her story, with over 30 years in experience spanning a variety of networking and security disciplines and has held leadership and academic roles, she sits down to discuss her amazing career. Earlier in her career, Susan served as System Architect at Cisco where she spent nine years designing and developing Centri Firewall and a variety of network security management tools. She worked as a Lecturer, Computer and Network Security for eight years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) where she developed a hands-on Security Lab introduction course for students in her first year, and later in her tenure, along with two colleagues, created a malware analysis course designed for senior students. With all of the amazing things she's done in her career, she shares the advice to new comers into the field, saying "I think also as you're trying to get that next job either as a student or as a professional trying to change direction a little bit, if you're coming into interviews being able to talk about a project that you worked on, even if it's not a project that really anyone uses, but if it's something that's interesting that you have in depth understanding of, uh, I think is super valuable to get you noticed." We thank Susan for sharing her story with us.