Career Notes 12.17.23
Ep 179 | 12.17.23

Oren Koren: Crossing music and cybersecurity. [CPO]

Show Notes

Oren Koren, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer from Veriti sits down to share his amazing story. Before entering the vendor side of the cyber world, Oren served for 14 years in the Israeli 8200 unit where he led a variety of cybersecurity activities and researches that eventually earned him four 8200-unit cyber innovation awards. When he left the Israel Defense Forces, he joined Check Point Software to lead their AI-based innovations and advanced data analytics projects that redefined threat hunting and SIEM applications. This eventually inspired him to start his own company, with fellow co-founder Adi Ikan. Oren shares that he had a love for music growing up, and wanted to be a musician, saying music was the catalyst to him becoming interested in the cyber field, saying "I believe the music helped me a bit with my career in cybersecurity." We thank Oren for sharing his story with us.