Career Notes 10.4.20
Ep 18 | 10.4.20

Diane M. Janosek: It's only together that we are going to rise. [Education]

Show Notes

Commandant for the National Security Agency's National Cryptologic School Diane M. Janosek shares the story of her career going global. Diane explains how she's always been drawn to doing things that could help and raise the nation. From a position as a law clerk during law school, to the role of a judicial clerk, and joining the White House Counsel's office, Diane was exposed to many things and felt she experienced the full circle. Moving on to the Pentagon and finally, the NSA, Diane transitioned into her current role where she orchestrates the educational environment for military and civilian cyber and cryptologists worldwide for the nation. Diane encourages those who love to learn to join the multidisciplinary cybersecurity field. Our thanks to Diane for sharing her story with us.