Career Notes 1.28.24
Ep 180 | 1.28.24

Rashmi Bharathan: Connecting is important. [Auditor]

Show Notes

Rashmi Bharathan, an Information Technology Internal Auditor from Wintrust Financial Corporation sits down to share her story as a woman with 10 years in the IT industry and how she got her start. From childhood Rashmi always wanted to be a good leader, helping those around her, now she shares how helping people is a passion of hers and spends a lot of her time volunteering to help those coming into this industry. She says "It's all about, you should know your connections. That is more important. So I would say that networking and volunteering is really going to help you to grow in your career," sharing that community is the key to her success and working hard to network has been a great help to her to get her where she is today. We thank Rashmi for sharing her story with us.