Career Notes 10.31.21
Ep 73 | 10.31.21

Jadee Hanson: Cybersecurity is a team effort. [CISO]

Show Notes

Jadee Hanson, CIO and CISO at Code 42, started her technology journey thanks to the help of a teacher in high school. She began college studying computer science and ended with a degree in computer information systems as it had more of the business side. Working in the private sector for companies such as Deloitte, Target and Code 42, Jadee gained experience and specialized in insider risk. She notes "utopia for me and my team is to get to a spot where the team is just firing on all cylinders and being really proactive about what's coming and what's changing." Jadee mentions she tries hard to do things that might scare her every day. For those interested in the field, especially young women, Jadee recommends they get involved and then stay curious. We thank Jadee for sharing her story with us.