Career Notes 12.5.21
Ep 78 | 12.5.21

Ryan Kovar: Everyday, assume compromise. [Strategy]

Show Notes

Distinguished Security Strategist at Splunk, Ryan Kovar, shares his journey that started in the US Navy and how it contributed to his leadership in life after the military. Cutting his teeth as sysadmin on the USS Kitty Hawk, Ryan worked as a contractor following the Navy. At Splunk, he leads the SURGe research team to solve what he calls the "blue collar for the blue team problems". He works hard on incorporating diversity of thought. Ryan notes, "I've been doing cybersecurity or IT now for over 20 years and of that 20 years of knowledge, only about five years of that knowledge is really relevant. You can't sit on your laurels in this industry." We thank Ryan for sharing his story with us.