Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast 3.8.23
Ep 20 | 3.8.23

National Cybersecurity Strategy released.

Show Notes

The White House has released its National Cybersecurity Strategy. MKS Instruments discloses a ransomware incident that spread to some of its vendors. Ransomware hits the Dole Food Company. CISA runs a red team assessment against a critical infrastructure organization. And LockBit has claimed responsibility for an attack on a water utility in Portugal. The CyberWire's Tré Hester shares the news this week. Guest Tom Winston, Dragos’ Director of Intelligence Content, recently spoke with Dave Bittner about Dragos’ recently released 2022 Year in Review report. In the Learning Lab, Dragos’ VP Product & Industry Market Strategy Mark Urban completes his two-part discussion about the importance of incident response planning with Vern McCandlish, who is a Principal Industrial Incident Responder at Dragos.

Control Loop News Brief.

White House releases the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

National Cybersecurity Strategy (The White House)

Cranes as a security threat.

Pentagon Sees Giant Cargo Cranes as Possible Chinese Spying Tools (Wall Street Journal)

EPA Memo requires water systems to include cybersecurity in their safety audits.

EPA Takes Action to Improve Cybersecurity Resilience for Public Water Systems (EPA)

MKS Instruments discloses ransomware incident.

Applied Materials will take a $250M hit to sales this quarter, thanks to a cyberattack at one of its suppliers (Silicon Valley Business Journal)

Semiconductor industry giant says ransomware attack on supplier will cost it $250 million (The Record)

Ransomware hits a major food producer.

Cyberattack on food giant Dole temporarily shuts down North America production, company memo says (CNN)

Dole Experiences Cybersecurity Incident (Dole)

Red-teaming critical infrastructure.

CISA Red Team Shares Key Findings to Improve Monitoring and Hardening of Networks (CISA)

LockBit claims attack on water utility in Portugal.

LockBit gang takes credit for attack on water utility in Portugal (The Record)

Control Loop Interview.

The interview is with Tom Winston, Director of Intelligence Content at Dragos, sharing their recently released 2022 Year in Review report.

Control Loop Learning Lab.

In Part 2 of 2, Dragos’ VP Product & Industry Market Strategy Mark Urban speaks with Vern McCandlish, Principal Industrial Incident Responder at Dragos, about the importance of incident response planning. 

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