Control Loop: The OT Cybersecurity Podcast 6.29.22
Ep 3 | 6.29.22

The OT-CERT provides critical resources to the industrial community.

Show Notes

ICEFALL affects OT devices. Thermal cameras and industrial processes. Sandworm spies on infrastructure. Ransomware hits auto parts manufacturer. Most electricity, oil & gas, manufacturing firms have seen cyberattacks. Nuclear facility cyber exercises. Connecticut Guard trains to defend utilities.

Dawn Cappelli joins us to discuss how the OT Cyber Emergency Readiness Team is planning to address cybersecurity resource gaps for industrial infrastructure.

And in the learning lab, Nick Shaw joins us for part two of OT fundamentals, where he explains the Purdue reference model for industrial cybersecurity.

Control Loop News Brief.

ICEFALL vulnerabilities affect OT devices 

OT:ICEFALL: 56 Vulnerabilities Caused by Insecure-by-Design Practices in OT (Forescout)

Thermal camera vulnerabilities.

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Infiray IRAY-A8Z3 thermal camera (SEC Consult)

Vulnerabilities in access control panels.

Trellix Threat Labs Uncovers Critical Flaws in Widely Used Building Access Control System (Trellix)

Sandworm exploits Follina in phishing campaign.

Russian hackers start targeting Ukraine with Follina exploits (BleepingComputer)

Ransomware hits automotive hose manufacturer.

US Subsidiary of Automotive Hose Maker Nichirin Hit by Ransomware (SecurityWeek)

Most ransomware victims are attacked a second time.

Ransomware: The True Cost to Businesses (Cybereason)

89% of electricity, oil & gas, and manufacturing firms have been hit by cyberattacks.

Cyber-Attacks on Industrial Assets Cost Firms Millions (Trend Micro)

Control Loop Interview.

Dawn Cappelli on how the OT Cyber Emergency Readiness Team (OT-CERT) is addressing the cybersecurity resource gaps that exist in industrial infrastructure. Follow Dawn on LinkedIn

OT-CERT is an Operational Technology – Cyber Emergency Readiness Team dedicated to addressing the OT resource gap that exists in industrial infrastructure. Designed to support asset owners and operators of industrial infrastructure, Dragos OT-CERT provides free cybersecurity resources for the Industrial Control System (ICS) /OT community. Learn more about OT-CERT here.

Register here to join the OT-CERT community.

Control Loop Learning Lab.

Mark Urban is joined by Nick Shaw for part two of an intro to OT.

A Collection of Resources for Getting Started in ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity.

Building security to achieve engineering and business requirements.

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