Cyber CEOs Decoded

Cyber CEOs Decoded

Marc van Zadelhoff, CEO of Devo, hosts CEO-to-CEO conversations with leaders from established security giants, to up and coming disruptors, getting the inside track on what makes cyber CEOs tick. Marc and his guests will share lessons learned from building cyber companies, delivering value to customers, creating enduring cultures, and sharing stories of success and failure in an ever-evolving technology landscape.


Recent Episodes

Ep 14 | 11.30.23

Mike Brown: CEO of Talion

Mike Brown, CEO of the MSSP Talion, joins Marc in the latest episode of CyberCEOs Decoded. Mike shares his unconventional and winding story about buying an MSSP on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic – and how he runs the thriving EMEA-based company from Texas today. Mike has been around more than a couple of blocks and has lots to share.

Ep 13 | 10.5.23

Brian White: Managing Director of Piper Sandler

This episode's guest is Brian White, managing director of Piper Sandler. During the discussion, Marc dives into Brian's experience with Homeland Security, cybersecurity, and eventual shift into banking, mergers, and acquisitions. Together, they pull back the curtain on how deals get done, Piper Sandler's role in facilitating those deals, and what CEOs should keep top of mind when they reach a position where they may consider getting acquired.

Ep 12 | 9.7.23

Rashmy Chatterjee: CEO of Istari

In this episode of Cyber CEOS Decoded, Marc catches up with Rashmy Chatterjee, CEO of Istari. In the interview, Rashmy provides an overview of Istari's mission and how they work with clients to understand and address their organization's specific cyber risk profiles. Marc and Rashmy also reminisce about their shared time at IBM, including highlights from Rashmy's amazing career journey.

Ep 11 | 8.4.23

Deidre Diamond: CEO of CyberSN

In this episode, Marc interviews Deidre Diamond, the CEO and founder of CyberSN, a talent matching services company, and the founder of Secure Diversity, a not-for-profit organization that specializes in addressing the cybersecurity diversity gap. They cover Deidre's path to becoming a founder and CEO, from her days as a manicurist to her time in talent recruitment to her stint as the VP of sales at Rapid7 — Deidre has done it all.

Ep 10 | 6.1.23

Peter Bauer: CEO of Mimecast

In this episode, Marc catches up with Mimecast CEO and co-founder Peter Bauer. They cover Peter's CEO journey, including what it was like growing up in South Africa, why he opted out of attending university, highlights from Mimecast's 20-year history, and what Peter learned from taking the company public — and then private again.

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Cyber CEOs Decoded
Marc van Zadelhoff
Marc van Zadelhoff has spent over 20 years building and running cybersecurity companies. He's the CEO of Devo, a cloud-native logging and security analytics platform. Marc started his cybersecurity journey in venture capital, then he joined one of his portfolio companies which they grew and sold to IBM. At IBM, Marc co-founded and ran IBM Security, growing the business to over $2.5B in revenue.
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