Cyber CEOs Decoded

Cyber CEOs Decoded

Marc van Zadelhoff, CEO of Devo, hosts CEO-to-CEO conversations with leaders from established security giants, to up and coming disruptors, getting the inside track on what makes cyber CEOs tick. Marc and his guests will share lessons learned from building cyber companies, delivering value to customers, creating enduring cultures, and sharing stories of success and failure in an ever-evolving technology landscape.


Recent Episodes

Ep 2 | 5.19.22

Patrick Morley: Former Carbon Black CEO

In this episode, Marc and Patrick Morley, former CEO of Carbon Black, get nostalgic as they discuss Patrick's journey of coming up through the start up scene in the 90s—from working with VCs to taking companies public—and compare it to running cyber companies today. Along with the early career experience that helped form Patrick's leadership philosophy, he shares his experience of becoming CEO of Bit9, seeing the company through a breach, acquiring Carbon Black, bring the company public and later getting acquired by VMWare—this episode is filled to the brim.

Ep 1 | 4.28.22

Brendan Hannigan: Sonrai Security CEO

In this episode, Marc talks with Sonrai Security's Brendan Hannigan, on how he went from security guard on a Jack Nicolson movie set, to cybersecurity CEO. Trained as a coder, learn how his early days at Forrester Research honed Brendan's skills in understanding marketplace fit and fueled his passion to go out and start building things. Brendan went on to lead Q1 Labs until they were acquired by IBM, where he joined as the GM of the newly formed IBM Security. That journey lead him to his current role, CEO of Sonrai Security, where he and his team are changing the way organizations secure the cloud.

Cyber CEOs Decoded
Marc van Zadelhoff
Marc van Zadelhoff has spent over 20 years building and running cybersecurity companies. He's the CEO of Devo, a cloud-native logging and security analytics platform. Marc started his cybersecurity journey in venture capital, then he joined one of his portfolio companies which they grew and sold to IBM. At IBM, Marc co-founded and ran IBM Security, growing the business to over $2.5B in revenue.
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