Cyber CEOs Decoded

Cyber CEOs Decoded

Marc van Zadelhoff, CEO of Devo, hosts CEO-to-CEO conversations with leaders from established security giants, to up and coming disruptors, getting the inside track on what makes cyber CEOs tick. Marc and his guests will share lessons learned from building cyber companies, delivering value to customers, creating enduring cultures, and sharing stories of success and failure in an ever-evolving technology landscape.


Recent Episodes

Ep 8 | 2.2.23

Amanda Renteria: CEO of Code for America

In this episode, Marc and Amanda Renteria, CEO of Code for America, discuss how important it is to attract and recruit diverse talent and how it ensures a wide range of perspectives are accounted for when tackling complex challenges like cybercrime.

Ep 7 | 12.15.22

Christopher Ahlberg: Recorded Future Co-founder and CEO

In this episode, Marc and Christopher Ahlberg, co-founder and CEO of RecordedFuture, talks about building the space of threat intelligence and founding one of the most successful and impactful cybersecurity companies of the time.

Ep 6 | 11.22.22

Peter McKay: Snyk CEO

In this episode, Marc and Peter McKay, cyber veteran and CEO of Snyk, discuss how the power of a strong network can both propel a successful career and by the key to scaling a disruptive cyber company.

Ep 5 | 8.25.22

Dror Davidoff: Aqua Security Co-founder and CEO

In this episode, Marc and Dror Davidoff, Aqua Security Co-founder and CEO, discuss his passion for his home country of Israel's prominence as a global technology hub and how it led to his founding of one of the most successful security startups of recent years.

Ep 4 | 7.21.22

Wendy Thomas: Secureworks President and CEO

In this episode, Marc and Wendy Thomas, Secureworks President and CEO, discuss her non-traditional path to cyber security leadership, including her time as a commodities trader and a telecom CFO. Wendy shares stories of how her path from finance to cyber ignited her passion for showing others that cyber is a viable and fulfilling career, regardless of where you may have started.

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Cyber CEOs Decoded
Marc van Zadelhoff
Marc van Zadelhoff has spent over 20 years building and running cybersecurity companies. He's the CEO of Devo, a cloud-native logging and security analytics platform. Marc started his cybersecurity journey in venture capital, then he joined one of his portfolio companies which they grew and sold to IBM. At IBM, Marc co-founded and ran IBM Security, growing the business to over $2.5B in revenue.
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