Cyber CEOs Decoded 6.1.23
Ep 10 | 6.1.23

Peter Bauer: CEO of Mimecast

Show Notes

In this episode, Marc catches up with Mimecast CEO and co-founder Peter Bauer. They cover Peter's CEO journey, including what it was like growing up in South Africa, why he opted out of attending university, highlights from Mimecast's 20-year history, and what Peter learned from taking the company public — and then private again.

You'll also learn: 

  • When and how to raise capital, and how to manage meeting the board's expectations. 
  • How CEOs can overcome self-doubt and continuously reimagine their role to look at challenges with new eyes. 
  • How to view the company's history as a story with chapters and eras, and why it's important to always believe you're at the beginning of the book.