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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 2049 | 4.18.24

From phishing to felony.

A major Phishing-as-a-service operation gets taken down by international law enforcement. US election officials are warned of nation-state influence operations. The house votes to limit the feds’ purchase of citizens personal data. A Michigan healthcare provider suffered a ransomware attack. Critical infrastructure providers struggle to trust cybersecurity tools. Cloudflare reports on DDoS. Kaspersky uncovers new Android banking malware. Kubernetes cryptominers leverage previously patched flaws. The Massachusetts Attorney General emphasizes the responsible use of AI. Our guest Caleb Barlow, CEO of Cyberbit, joins us to talk about badge swipe fraud as more are returning to the office. Colorado passes a law to keep big tech out of our heads.

Ep 2048 | 4.17.24

The rebirth of Russia's cyber warfare.

A Russian hacker group boldly targets critical infrastructure. The Change Healthcare ransomware attack is projected to cost over a billion dollars. Three hundred bucks is the going rate for a SIM swap. PuTTY potentially reveals private keys. Cisco Talos reports a surge in brute-force attacks. Ivanti updates its MDM product. Omni Hotels & Resorts confirm a data breach. Financially motivated hackers target Businesses in Latin America with steganography. A prolific cryptojacker faces decades in prison. On our Learning Layer segment, host Sam Meisenberg and Joe Carrigan continue their discussion of Joe's ISC2 CISSP certification journey. The ransomware equivalent of a Saturday night special.

Ep 2047 | 4.16.24

Weathering the phishing front.

Cisco Dou warns of a third-party MFA-related breach. MGM Resorts sues to stop an FTC breach investigation. Meanwhile the FTC dings another mental telehealth service provider. Open Source foundations call for caution after social engineering attempts. The NSA shares guidance for securing AI systems. IntelBroker claims to have hit a US geospatial intelligence firm. The UK clamps down on deepfakes. Hard-coded passwords provide the key to smart-lock vulnerabilities. On our Industry Voices segment, Ryan Lougheed, Director of Product Management at Onspring, discusses the benefits of artificial intelligence in governance, risk and compliance (GRC). A Law Firm’s Misclick Ends 21 Years of Matrimony.

Ep 2046 | 4.15.24

Hunting vulnerabilities.

Palo Alto Networks releases hotfixes for an exploited zero-day. Delinea issues an urgent update for a critical flaw. Giant Tiger data is leaked online. A European semiconductor manufacturer deals with a data breach. Roku suffers its second breach of the year. Operators of the Hive RAT face charges. A former Amazon security engineer gets three years in prison for hacking cryptocurrency exchanges. Zambian officials arrest 77 in a scam call center crack down. Our guest Deputy Assistant Director Cynthia Kaiser from the FBI Cyber Division describes dual ransomware. And Rob Boyce, Managing Director at Accenture, shares his thoughts on security testing of generative AI. And selling Pokemon cheats leaves one man in Japan feeling like he had a run-in with a Scaldiburn.

Ep 2045 | 4.12.24

Privacy, power, and the path forward.

Section 702 edges closer to a vote. CISA provides guidance on Sisense and Microsoft breaches. A major conservative think tank reports a breach. Obsolete D-Link devices are under active exploitation, and Palo Alto warns of a zero-day. Raspberry Robin grows more stealthy. A lastpass employee thwarts a deepfake phishing attempt. Are AI models growing more persuasive? Our guest Kevin Magee from Microsoft Canada joins us to talk about cross domain prompt injection and AI. Floppies keep the trains running on time.

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