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The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.
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Recent Episodes

Ep 1835 | 6.1.23

Firmware comes in through the back door. Leveraging Adobe for credential harvesting. C2C market notes. Hybrid war updates.

A backdoor-like issue has been found in Gigabyte firmware. A credential harvesting campaign impersonates Adobe. The Dark Pink gang is active in southeastern Asia. Mitiga discovers a “significant forensic discrepancy” in Google Drive. "Spyboy" is for sale in the C2C market. A look at Cuba ransomware. Ukrainian hacktivists target the Skolkovo Foundation. The FSB says NSA breached iPhones in Russia. Carole Theriault examines Utah's social media bills aimed at kids online. Our guest is Tucker Callaway of Mezmo to discuss the rise of telemetry pipelines. And spoofing positions and evading sanctions.

Ep 1834 | 5.31.23

Two RAT infestations. Ghosts of sites past. Trends in identity security. Detecting deepfakes may prove more difficult than you think.

SeroXen is a new elusive evolution of the Quasar RAT that seems to live up to its hype, and DogeRAT is a cheap Trojan targeting Indian Android users. Salesforce ghost sites see abuse by malicious actors. A look into identity security trends. People may be overconfident in their ability to detect deepfakes. Deepen Desai from Zscaler describes a campaign targeting Facebook users. CW Walker from Spycloud outlines identity exposure in the Fortune 1000. And a blurring of the lines between criminal, hacktivist, and strategic motivations.

Ep 1833 | 5.30.23

Mirai’s new variant targets IoT devices. Volt Typhoon investigation continues. Hacktivism in Senegal. Lessons learned from Ukraine.

New Mirai malware uses low-complexity exploits to expand its botnet in IoT devices. The latest on Volt Typhoon. DDoS hits government sites in Senegal. The Pentagon's cyber strategy incorporates lessons from Russia's war, while the EU draws lessons from Ukraine's performance against Russia. Joe Carrigan explains Mandiant research on URL obfuscation. Mr. Security Answer Person John Pescatore plays security whack-a-mole. And NoName disrupts a British airport.

Ep 1832 | 5.26.23

CosmicEnergy: OT and ICS malware from Russia, maybe for red teaming. Updates on Volt Typhoon. Legion malware upgraded for the cloud. Natural-disaster-themed online fraud.

CosmicEnergy is OT and ICS malware from Russia, maybe for red teaming, maybe for attack. Updates on Volt Typhoon, China’s battlespace preparation in Guam and elsewhere. In the criminal underworld, Legion malware has been upgraded for the cloud. Johannes Ullrich from SANS examines time gaps in logging. Our guest is Kevin Kirkwood from LogRhythm with a look at extortion attempts and ransomware. And Atlantic hurricane season officially opens next week: time to batten down those digital hatches.

Ep 1831 | 5.25.23

Volt Typhoon goes undetected by living off the land. New gang, old ransomware. KillNet says no to slacker hackers.

China's Volt Typhoon snoops into US infrastructure, with special attention paid to Guam. Iranian cybercriminals are seen conducting ops against Israeli targets. A new ransomware gang uses recycled ransomware. A persistent Brazilian campaign targets Portuguese financial institutions. A new botnet targets the gaming industry. Phishing attempts impersonate OpenAI. Pro-Russian geolocation graffiti. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos addresses the policy implications of ChatGPT. Our guest is Jon Check from Raytheon Intelligence & Space, on cybersecurity and workforce strategy for the space community. And KillNet says no to slacker hackers.

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