The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.25.24
Ep 2054 | 4.25.24

The shadowy adversary in Cisco's crosshairs.

Show Notes

Cisco releases urgent patches for their Adaptive Security Appliances. Android powered smart TVs could expose Gmail inboxes. The FTC refunds millions to Amazon Ring customers. The DOJ charges crypto-mixers with money laundering. A critical vulnerability has been disclosed in the Flowmon network monitoring tool. A Swiss blood donation company reopens following a ransomware attack. Multiple vulnerabilities are discovered in the Brocade SANnav storage area network management application. Brokewell is a new Android banking trojan. Meta’s ad business continues to face scrutiny in the EU.  Ann Johnson, host of Microsoft Security’s Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast speaks with LinkedIn's CISO Geoff Belknap. And an AI Deepfake Sparks a Community Crisis.

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CyberWire Guest

We are joined by Ann Johnson, host of Microsoft Security’s Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast talking with Geoff Belknap sharing "Insights from LinkedIn's CISO." You can listen to their full discussion here

Selected Reading

'ArcaneDoor' Cyberspies Hacked Cisco Firewalls to Access Government Networks (WIRED)

Cisco Releases Security Updates Addressing ArcaneDoor Campaign, Exploited Vulnerabilities in ASA and FTD (NHS England Digital)

Android TVs Can Expose User Email Inboxes (404 Media)

FTC Sending $5.6 Million in Refunds to Ring Customers Over Security Failures (SecurityWeek)

Southern District of New York | Founders And CEO Of Cryptocurrency Mixing Service Arrested And Charged With Money Laundering And Unlicensed Money Transmitting Offenses (United States Department of Justice)

Maximum severity Flowmon bug has a public exploit, patch now (Bleeping Computer)

Plasma donation company Octapharma slowly reopening as BlackSuit gang claims attack (The Record)

New Brokewell malware takes over Android devices, steals data (Bleeping Computer)

Vulnerabilities Expose Brocade SAN Appliances, Switches to Hacking (SecurityWeek)

Meta could face further squeeze on surveillance ads model in EU (TechCrunch)

Baltimore County educator framed principal with AI-generated voice, police say (Baltimore Banner)

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