The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.10.20
Ep 1001 | 1.10.20

Updates on US-Iranian tensions, and especially on hacktivism and possible power grid battlespace preparation. Researchers complain of preinstalled malware said to be in discount Android phones.

Show Notes

Amid indications that both Iran and the US would prefer to back away from open war, concerns about Iranian power grid battlespace preparation remain high. Recent website defacements, however, increasingly look more like the work of young hacktivists than a campaign run by Tehran. Phones delivered under the FCC’s Lifeliine Assistance program may come with malware preinstalled. And we’ll take Cybersecurity for six hundred, Alex. Tom Etheridge from Crowdstrike on having a board of directors’ playbook. Guest is Curtis Simpson from Armis on CISO burnout.