The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.15.20
Ep 1004 | 1.15.20

Disclosure, patching, and warning. Norway takes on “out-of-control” data sharing by dating apps. Ransomware all-in on doxing. What to do about Huawei.

Show Notes

NSA gives Microsoft a heads-up about a Windows vulnerability, and CISA is right behind them with instructions for Federal civilian agencies and advice for everyone else. Norway’s Consumer Council finds that dating apps are “out of control” with the way they share data. Ransomware goes all-in for doxing. The US pushes the UK on Huawei as Washington prepares further restrictions on the Chinese companies. And think twice before you book that alt-coin conference in Pyongyang. Johannes Ullrich from SANS Technology on malicious AutoCAD files. Guest is Chris Duvall from Chertoff Group with an overview of the current state of ransomware.