The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.16.20
Ep 1005 | 1.16.20

Curveball proofs-of-concept. CISA warns chemical industry. Military families harassed online. Phishing the UN. Fleeceware in the Play Store. Moscow says there was no Burisma hack.

Show Notes

Proof-of-concept exploits for the CryptoAPI vulnerability Microsoft patched this week have been released. CISA warns the chemical industry to look to its security during this period of what the agency calls “heightened geopolitical tension.” Families of deployed US soldiers receive threats via social media. Someone’s been phishing in Turtle Bay. More fleeceware turns up in the Play Store. And Moscow heaps scorn on anyone who thinks they hacked Burisma. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos on how adversaries take advantage of politics. Guest is Ron Hayman from AVANT on how companies might leverage Trusted Advisors to proactively prepare their security response.