The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.22.20
Ep 1008 | 1.22.20

The UN takes up a case of spyware; it’s linked to an extrajudicial killing. Glenn Greenwald indicted on hacking charges in Brazil. NetWire and StarsLord are back.

Show Notes

UN rapporteurs say that the Saudi Crown Prince was probably involved in the installation of spyware on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s personal phone. Brazilian prosecutors have indicted Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of the Intercept, on hacking charges. IBM describes a renewed NetWire campaign, and Microsoft says StarsLord is back, too. And in cyberspace, there’s nothing new on the US-Iranian front. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on surveillance cameras hidden in gravestones. Guest is Sean Frazier from Cisco Duo on their most recent State of the Auth report.