The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.24.20
Ep 1010 | 1.24.20

PupyRAT is back. So is the Konni Group. Twitter storm over claims that MBS hacked Jeff Bezos. Anti-disinformaiton laws considered. Canada is ready to impose costs on cyber attackers.

Show Notes

PupyRAT was found in a European energy organization: it may be associated with Iranian threat actors. Another threat actor, the Konni Group, was active against a US government agency last year. Saudi Arabia maintains it had nothing to do with hacking Jeff Bezos’s phone. The EU and Ukraine separately consider anti-disinformation regulations. Canada may be ready to “impose costs” in cyberspace. And Huawei’s a threat, but what’re you gonna do? Justin Harvey from Accenture with an outlook on 2020. Guests are Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger from SCVX, describing their plan to bring a funding mechanism know as a SPAC to cyber security.