The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.5.20
Ep 1018 | 2.5.20

Update on the Iowa Democrats’ bad app. DDoS warning for state election sites. DDoS trends. New ransomware tracked. Tehran spoofing emails? Nintendo hacker pleads guilty.

Show Notes

Iowa’s Democrats are still counting their caucus results, but on the other hand they weren’t hacked. A poorly built and badly tested app is still being blamed, and that judgment seems likely to hold up. The FBI warns of a DDoS attempt against a state voter registration site. Trends in DDoS. Some new strains of ransomware are out in the wild. Spoofed emails may be an Iranian espionage effort. And the confessed Nintendo hacker cops a plea. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos with updates on Emotet. Guest is Kurtis Minder from GroupSense on the Pros and Cons of notifying breached companies.