The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.7.20
Ep 1020 | 2.7.20

Chinese cyber espionage in Malaysia and Japan. Android Bluetooth bug. Google expels suspect apps from the Play store. More Iowa caucus finger-pointing. US preps indictments of Chinese nationals.

Show Notes

Chinese espionage groups target Malaysian officials, and two more Japanese defense contractors say they were breached, also by China. Google patches Android problems, including an unusual Bluetooth bug. Google also expels apps that wanted unreasonable permissions from the Play store. Some in Iowa say the DNC pushed an eleventh-hour security patch to IowaReporterApp. The US may indict more Chinese nationals for hacking. More Senate reporting on 2016 Russian influence. Caleb Barlow from CynergisTek with more insights on hospitals and ransomware, this time from the patient’s perspective. Guest is Matt Cauthorn from ExtraHop comparing cloud platforms’ similarities and differences.