The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.10.20
Ep 1021 | 2.10.20

US indicts PLA officers in Equifax hack. Pyongyang shows pariah states how it’s done. DDoS in Iran. Updates on Democratic Party caucus IT issues. Likud has a buggy app, too.

Show Notes

US indicts four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army in connection with the 2017 Equifax breach. North Korea establishes an Internet template for pariah regimes’ sanctions evasion. Iran sustained a major DDoS attack Saturday. US Democratic Party seeks to avoid a repetition of the Iowa caucus in other states as the Sanders campaign asks for a partial recanvas. Israel’s Likud Party involved in a voter database exposure incident via its own app. Joe Carrigan from JHU ISI with a look back at the Clipper chip. Guest is Shannon Brewster from AT&T Cybersecurity with thoughts on election security.