The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.11.20
Ep 1022 | 2.11.20

Pyongyang’s guide to hacking on behalf of rogue regimes. RATs in the supply chain? Data exposures and data breaches. Securing elections (and caucuses, too).

Show Notes

Pyongyang establishes a template for pariah states trying to profit in cyberspace. The FBI warns that there’s a RAT in the ICS software supply chain. The US has a new counterintelligence strategy, and cyber figures in it prominently. Likud’s exposure of Israeli voter data may benefit opposition intelligence services. Notes on the Equifax breach indictments. As New Hampshire votes in its primaries, CISA warns everyone not to get impatient. And Iowa? Still counting. Robert M. Lee from Dragos on their recent report, “Industrial Cyber Attacks: A Humanitarian Crisis in the Making.” Guest is Andrew Wajs from Scenera on the NICE Alliance and Cloud Privacy.