The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.12.20
Ep 1023 | 2.12.20

Facebook takes down coordinated inauthenticity. US says it’s got the goods on Huawei. EU will leave facial recognition policy up to member states. Patch Tuesday. Counting on the caucus.

Show Notes

Facebook takes down coordinated inauthenticity from Myanmar, Vietnam, Iran, and Russia. The US says it’s got the goods on Huawei’s backdoors. Notes on Patch Tuesday. The EU backs away from a five-year moratorium on facial recognition software. Switzerland takes a look at Crypto AG. And the Nevada Democratic caucus a week from Saturday will use iPads, Google Forms, and some tools to process the results. That’s “tools,” Jack, not “apps.” Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on the Senate GOP blocking election security bills. Guest is Christopher Hadnagy from Social-Engineer, LLC on social engineering trends they are tracking.