The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.13.20
Ep 1024 | 2.13.20

Internecine phishing in the Palestinian Territories. What could Iran do in cyberspace? US Census 2020 and cybersecurity. Mobile voting. How to make bigger money in sextortion.

Show Notes

Researchers report phishing campaigns underway in the Palestinian Territories. They appear to be a Hamas-linked effort targeting the rival Fatah organization. FireEye offers a summary of current Iranian cyber capabilities. The GAO warns that the Census Bureau still has some cyber security work to do before this year’s count. Researchers call mobile voting into question. And some observations about why some extortion brings in a bigger haul than its rivals. Johannes Ullrich from SANS Technology Center on IoT threats. Guest is Darren Van Booven from Trustwave on how to know if the CCPA applies to your organization.