The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.20.20
Ep 1028 | 2.20.20

UK, US blame Russia for 2019 Georgia hacks. Senator Sanders thinks Russian bots could impersonate supporters. Mr. Assange’s extradition. MGM Resorts breach. Ms Winner wants a pardon.

Show Notes

British and American authorities blame Russia’s GRU for last October’s defacement campaign against Georgian websites. Senator Sanders thinks maybe some of his apparent supporters are Russian bots--the ones who are tweeting bad stuff in social media. Julian Assange says he was offered a pardon to say the Russians didn’t meddle with the DNC. Stolen data from MGM Resorts turns up in a hacker forum. NSA leaker Reality Winner would like a pardon. Justin Harvey from Accenture on staying prepared against potential Iranian cyberattacks, guest is Jamie Tomasello from Cisco Duo on cognitive capacity and burnout.