The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.28.20
Ep 1034 | 2.28.20

South Carolina primary affords the next test of US election security. Cerberus evolves. Bot-driven fraud. FCC to fine wireless carriers for location data handling. FISA changes.

Show Notes

South Carolina prepares for tomorrow’s primary, confident that it will be able to conduct the vote securely and without disruption. An evolved version of the Cerberus Trojan has been spotted. Bots are making fraudulent appeals for brushfire aid to the Australian Red Cross. The FCC is preparing to fine four major wireless carriers for mishandling user geolocation data. Proposed changes to FISA surveillance in the US. And farewell to RSAC 2020. Partner is Mike Benjamin from CenturyLink with observations from RSA, guests are magicians Penn and Teller with insights on deception and social engineering.