The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.6.20
Ep 1039 | 3.6.20

Misconfigured databases, again. Vulnerable subdomains. Dark web search engines. Troll farming. An update on the crypto wars.

Show Notes

Virgin Media discloses a data exposure incident, another misconfigured database. Microsoft subdomains are reported vulnerable to takeover. A dark web search engine is gaining popularity, and black market share. Researchers find that Russian disinformation trolls have upped their game. The crypto wars have flared up as the US Senate considers the EARN IT act. Tech companies sign on to voluntary child protection principles. And Huawei talks about backdoors. Thomas Etheridge from Crowdstrike on empowering business leaders to manage cyber risk, guest is Sherri Davidoff on her book, Data Breaches: Crisis and Opportunity.