The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.13.20
Ep 1044 | 3.13.20

COVID-19 as both incentive for remote work and phishbait. Offshored trolling. A list of “digital predators.” US Senate doesn’t extend domestic surveillance authority.

Show Notes

COVID-19 significantly increased remote working, and the pandemic is now a favorite lure in the phishing tackle of both intelligence services and criminal gangs. Russian trolling has been off-shored, setting up shop in Ghana and Nigeria for running influence operations against the US. Microsoft issues an out-of-band patch. Reporters Without Borders publishes its list of “digital predators.” And the Senate doesn’t renew US domestic surveillance authorities. Thomas Etheridge from Crowdstrike on the impact of ransomware, guest is Josiah Dykstra from NSA on Cloud Vulnerabilities from an NSA viewpoint.