The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.2.20
Ep 1058 | 4.2.20

WHO email accounts prospected. Mandrake versus Android users. Vollgar versus MS-SQL servers. Ransomware and hospitals. Notes on the effects of COVID-19, and a disinformation campaign.

Show Notes

Attempts on World Health Organization email accounts possibly linked to Iran. Mandrake Android malware is active against carefully selected targets. Vollgar attacks Windows systems running MS-SQL Server. Hospitals remain attractive targets for ransomware gangs. Italy’s social security operations shut down by hacking. Coronavirus disinformation. The pandemic’s effects on business. And a look at the fortunes of Zoom. Andrea Little Limbago from Virtru on the global battle for information control, guest is Perry Carpenter from KnowBe4 on security awareness.