The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.24.20
Ep 1074 | 4.24.20

iOS zero-days, reconsidered. Hacking during a pandemic. An old campaign connected with the ShadowBrokers comes to light. Advice on web shells. Astroturfing and influence.

Show Notes

An update on those iOS zero-days: they may not be as serious as assumed. Calls to take biomedical facilities off the hacking target list. Nazar and the ShadowBrokers. NSA and ASD issue joint advice on web shell malware. A report on astroturfing and influence operations. Joker’s Stash lays out more stolen cards. And Nintendo reports a problem with a legacy system. Michael Sechrist from BAH on the increase in IT/OT convergence, guest is Terence Jackson from Thycotic on HIPAA, telemedicine and the new normal of data regulation.