The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.7.20
Ep 1083 | 5.7.20

Mining Monero. A RAT in a 2FA app. The decline of the Cereal botnet. Markets during the pandemic. Ransomware in Taiwan. Twitter appeals to reason.

Show Notes

A new Monero miner is out and about. Hidden Cobra is pushing a RAT through a Trojanized two-factor authentication app. The rise and fall of a botnet. Markets, criminal and legitimate, react to the pandemic. Ransomware hits Taiwan. Remcos is resurgent. Michael Sechrist from BAH on where things are headed with ransomware, our guest is Rachael Stockton from LastPass on their Psychology of Passwords report. And, despite what you saw on Twitter when you were “doing your own research,” 5G does not cause COVID-19, and telecom repair crews are not agents of the Illuminati.