The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.11.20
Ep 1085 | 5.11.20

Cyberattacks with kinetic consequences. Thunderspy and evil maids. Developing background to the US bulk power security executive order. Conspiracy theories and the culture of social media.

Show Notes

A cyberattack with kinetic effect. Shiny Hunters post more stolen wares online. Thunderspy and evil maids. Some developing background to the US bulk power state-of-emergency Executive Order. Contact tracing apps: reliability, privacy, security, familiarity, and rates of adoption all raise questions. The economic consequences of the pandemic emergency. Caleb Barlow from CynergisTek on Alan Brunacini’s concept of an Incident Action Plan, our guest is James Yeager from CrowdStrike on their Global Threat Report. And the reappearance of the yellow press in social media.