The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.12.20
Ep 1086 | 5.12.20

Cyberwar looms in the Middle East? Hidden Cobra’s fangs described. Evasive Astaroth. Ransomware in Texas courts. COVID-19 espionage. Content moderation.

Show Notes

Unattributed cyberattacks in an Iranian port prompt speculation that a broader cyberwar in the Middle East may be in the offing. CISA releases malware analysis reports on North Korea’s Hidden Cobra. Astaroth malware grows more evasive (and it was already pretty good at hiding). Texas courts sustain a ransomware attack. COVID-19 espionage warnings are on the way. Twitter’s misinformation warning system. Ben Yelin describes a Fourth Amendment case on automated license plate reader (ALPR) databases. Our guest is Brian Dye from Corelight on dealing with encrypted traffic without compromising privacy. And taking down Plandemic’s trailer.