The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.18.20
Ep 1090 | 5.18.20

Supercomputers as cryptomining rigs. UK grid operator recovers from hack. EU Parliament data exposure. REvil ransomware gang promises dirty laundry. US-China conflict. Catphishing.

Show Notes

European supercomputers were hacked by cryptominers. UK electrical power distributor recovers from its cyberattack. A database containing personal data related to the EU Parliament is found exposed. REvil says it’s got the celebrity goods, but has yet to show its hand. The US and China move into a new round of trade and security conflict. Justin Harvey shares insights on how companies are adjusting to the new remote working environment and the impacts to their security posture. Our guest is Ehsan Foroughi from SecurityCompass on compliance issues. And catphishing with some pretty implausible impersonations of US Army generals.