The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.19.20
Ep 1091 | 5.19.20

Cyber conflict in the Middle East. EasyJet breached. More errors than exploits. The Dark Web during the pandemic. 5G misinformation. REvil updates.

Show Notes

Foreign intelligence services attribute a recent cyberattack on an Iranian port to Israeli operators. EasyJet discloses a breach of passenger information. Verizon’s annual Data Breach Report is out, and it finds more errors than it does exploits. A look at the Dark Web during the pandemic. US authorities warn local law enforcement to watch for misinformation-driven telecom vandalism. Ben Yelin explains why the ACLU is suing Baltimore over a surveillance plane. Our guest is Robb Reck from Ping Identity on a recent CISO Advisory Council meeting regarding the sudden shift to working from home. And REvil is still offering celebrity dirt for sale...if they’ve actually got any.