The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.27.20
Ep 1096 | 5.27.20

Berserk Bear is back, and still loves that critical infrastructure honey. COVID-19 apps: good, bad, and bogus. Android issues discovered. A FIN7 arrest. Mr. Faraday’s underwear.

Show Notes

Berserk Bear is back, and snuffling around Germany’s infrastructure. Two new Android issues surface. India opens up the source code for its COVID-19 contact-tracing app as such technological adjuncts to public health continue to arouse privacy concerns. [F]Unicorn poses as Italy’s Immuni app. An alleged FIN7 gangster is arrested. Australia’s Data61 urges companies not to scrimp on R&D. Joe Carrigan on Android mobile malware getting new features. Our guest is Fredrick “Flee” Lee from Gusto on CCPA. And does your underwear come with a Faraday cage? We thought it might.