The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.3.20
Ep 1101 | 6.3.20

Slacktivism and vandalism in a time of unrest. Ransomware operators continue to evolve. Email voting. Looking up how-to-guides to cybercrime during social isolation.

Show Notes

Protest groups sustain DDoS attacks, too. Old school denial-of-service afflicts police radio networks in Chicago: they’re being jammed with talk, music, and other noise. Influencers and wannabes continue to use unrest as an occasion for on-line branding. The Sodinokibi gang is selling data stolen in ransomware attacks, and Maze seems to be establishing a criminal cartel. Is email to voting what shadow IT is to the enterprise? Ben Yelin describes a federal case involving police screenshots of a suspects’ phone as evidence. Our guest is Steve Durbin from the Information Security Forum on the Threat Horizon 2022 report. And cybercrime for dummies.