The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.5.20
Ep 1103 | 6.5.20

Hurricane Panda and Charming Kitten paw at, respectively, the campaigns of Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. Lies’ bodyguard of truth. Information warfare in the Gulf.

Show Notes

It’s mostly cyberespionage today, with an admixture of influence operations. Google has warned both major US Presidential campaigns that Chinese and Iranian intelligence services are after their staffers’ email accounts, so far apparently without much success. Russia, China, and Iran devote some purposive media attention to US civil unrest. Johannes Ullrich from SANS on malicious PowerPoint add-ins. Our guest is Bil Harmer from SecureAuth on credential carelessness. And Qatar’s rivals in the Gulf continue their information campaign against Doha: this time it’s bogus news of a coup.