The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.10.20
Ep 1106 | 6.10.20

A big Patch Tuesday. Honda ransomware update. Facebook helped the FBI with a zero-day. Cloud service outages. Breach settlements. BellTroX explains itself, sort of.

Show Notes

Notes on Patch Tuesday--it was a fairly big one this time. Honda continues its investigation of the incident it sustained over the weekend, and outsiders see it as a ransomware attack. Facebook is said to have developed a Tails zero-day to help the FBI with a notorious case. Crooks are turning to search engine optimization. IBM and Google cloud services recovered quickly from outages. You’re unlikely to get rich from a breach settlement. Joe Carrigan describes free online courseware aimed at Community College students. Our guest is Dennis Toomey from BAE on how financial institutions need to enact stronger cyber protocols as employees migrate to working from home. And BellTroX says, hey, it was just helping some private eyes.