The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.12.20
Ep 1108 | 6.12.20

Chinese, Russian, and Turkish domestic influence campaigns. Zoom’s China troubles. Honda, Enil recover from Ekans. Ransomware attacks against a city and an M&A consultancy.

Show Notes

Twitter’s transparency efforts see through accounts being run by Chinese, Russian, and Turkish actors. Zoom is working to both comply with Chinese law and contain the reputational damage involved in doing so. Industrial firms recover from Ekans infestations. Caleb Barlow from CynergisTek on how hospital CISOs are dealing with the COVID-19 situation. Our guest is Ronald Eddings from Palo Alto Networks and the Hacker Valley Studio Podcast on strategies for finding and managing security architects. And it’s not Posh Spice who’s got the attention of Maze; it’s just her M&A advisors.