The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.26.20
Ep 1118 | 6.26.20

Patch Exchange already, will ya? GoldenSpy lurks in tax software Chinese banks prefer their foreign clients to use. Magecart gets cleverer. Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket, and this one’s not funny.

Show Notes

Microsoft urges Exchange server patching. Sure it does your taxes, but it’s got another agenda, too: the GoldenSpy backdoor may be in your tax software if you do business in China. Magecart ups its game. DDoSecrets says they’re not going to roll over for Twitter’s “Nixonian” schtick. Camille Stewart from Google and Lauren Zabierek from Harvard’s Belfer Center on the #Sharethemicincyber event and why systemic racism is a threat to cybersecurity. Rick Howard wraps up cybersecurity canon week with guests Richard Clarke and Robert Knake, authors of The Fifth Domain. And there’s another unsecured Amazon S3 bucket, and this exposure could present a serious risk to some people who already have trouble enough.