The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.1.20
Ep 1121 | 7.1.20

EvilQuest ransomware identified. Out-of-band patches. The scope of Chinese surveillance of Uighurs. Hong Kong and the National Security Law. FCC finds against Huawei, ZTE.

Show Notes

EvilQuest ransomware found in pirated versions of Little Snitch app. Out-of-band patches from Microsoft and Oracle. Extensive Chinese surveillance of Uighurs described. Hong Kong and the world react to China’s new National Security Law. The US FCC finds both Huawei and ZTE are threats to national security. Joe Carrigan on password stealers that target gaming. Our guest is Kiersten Todt from the Cyber Readiness Institute on how COVID-19 has changed small business security and what to expect going forward. And Britain rethinks its position on Huawei and 5G infrastructure.