The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.9.20
Ep 1126 | 7.9.20

Coordinated inauthenticity with a domestic bent. Preinstalled malware in discount phones. Evilnum and the Joker continue to evolve. Incidents at FreddieMac and RMC.

Show Notes

Facebook takes down more coordinated inauthenticity. Preinstalled malware is found in discount phones available under the FCC’s Lifeline program. The Evilnum APT continues its attacks against fintech platforms and services. Joker Android malware adapts and overcomes its way back into the Play store. FreddieMac discloses a third-party databreach. Johannes Ullrich from SANS on defending against Evil Maids with glitter. Our guest is Rohit Ghai from RSA with a preview of his keynote, Reality Check: Cybersecurity’s Story. And the Royal Military College of Canada’s hack attack remains under investigation.