The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.6.20
Ep 1146 | 8.6.20

US Clean Network program outlines measures against Chinese operations. $10 million reward offered for info on election interference. Australia’s cyber strategy is out. Grand larceny and petty lulz.

Show Notes

The US announces five new lines of effort for the Clean Network program, and none of them are exactly mash notes for Beijing. The US is also offering rewards of up to ten million dollars for information about foreign computer crimes aimed at interfering with US elections. Australia’s new cybersecurity strategy is out. Maze may have hit Canon. Rob Lee from Dragos addresses speculation of an ICS supply chain back door. Our guest is Theresa Lanowitz from AT&T Cybersecurity on 5G security threats to businesses. And a bail hearing is disrupted by Zoom-bombing.