The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.21.20
Ep 1157 | 8.21.20

Transparent Tribe upgrades Crimson RAT. More countries interested in influencing US elections. University pays ransom.

Show Notes

Transparent Tribe upgrades Crimson RAT. Cuba, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia are also interested in influencing the upcoming US election. The University of Utah restored from backups after a ransomware attack, but paid the ransom to prevent the crooks from publishing stolen data. Uber’s former CSO has been charged with allegedly covering up a hack the company sustained in 2016. Justin Harvey from Accenture on how the pandemic has affected Incident Response. Gerald Beuchelt from LogMeIn on how secure remote access may or may not be. And a popular fertility app was found to be sharing data with advertisers without users’ permission.