The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.28.20
Ep 1162 | 8.28.20

Stock exchange DDoS continues. Another criminal market exits. Pyongyang cybercrooks face criminal forfeiture. Instagram hijacking. Old malware returns. Treason’s motives. An attempt to hack Tesla.

Show Notes

Denial-of-service attacks continue to cripple New Zealand’s NZX stock exchange. The Empire criminal market has exited, and done so with its users funds. US authorities have filed for civil forfeiture of Hidden Cobra’s stolen crytpo assets. An Instagram hijacking campaign is under way. Qbot and Emotet are back, and together again. The former Green Beret who allegedly spied for the GRU offers an insight into his (alleged) motives. We welcome our newest partner to the show, Betsy Carmelite from BAH. Our guest is Mark Calandra from CSC on their 2020 domain security report that revealed shortfalls among the Forbes Global 2000. And the unnamed company cited in the arrest of a Russian national this week has now been named: it’s Tesla.