The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.31.20
Ep 1163 | 8.31.20

DDoS continues to trouble New Zealand’s stock exchange. A glitch, not an attack. New Chinese export controls. Oversharing agencies? Who’s the bank robber? A botnet serving ad fraud.

Show Notes

New Zealand’s stock exchange continues to fight through offshore DDoS attacks. Sunday’s Internet outage was a glitch, not an attack. China enacts new technology export controls that may impede the sale of TikTok. Danish authorities investigate allegations of data sharing with NSA. North Korea says it doesn’t rob banks, but Americans do. Caleb Barlow looks at security validation and how it can help manage vendors and SOCs. Rick Howard has the CSO Perspective on Identity Management. And a look at Terracotta, a botnet serving up ad fraud.