The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.2.20
Ep 1165 | 9.2.20

Facebook’s latest takedowns reach Pakistan, Russia, and the US. Election meddling. Chinese espionage looks inward, again. New alt-coin stealer. NZX DDoS update. That Twitter hack.

Show Notes

Facebook’s August takedowns included coordinated inauthenticity from Pakistan, Russia (that’s St. Petersburg, with a waystation in DC), and a US strategic communication firm. CISA and the FBI say nope, the Russians weren’t in voter databases. A Chinese APT turns its attention from Europe back to Tibet. A new cryptocurrency stealer is active in Central Europe. New Zealand DDoS attacks may be an extortion attempt. Joe Carrigan has the story of a reporter's stolen Facebook account. Our guest is Ophir Harpaz from Guardicore Labs with their Botnet Encyclopedia. And there may be another teenage mastermind behind last month’s Twitter hack.