The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.3.20
Ep 1166 | 9.3.20

Cyberattacks in Norway under investigation. Developments in the criminal marketplace. Scammers do TikTok. Disrupting school, from Florida to Northumberland.

Show Notes

Updates on cyberattacks against Norway’s parliament and the Hedmark region. A popular TikTok page is infested with scammers. Magecart’s Inter scanner gains criminal market share. Thomas Etheridge from CrowdStrike on the many potential benefits of outsourced threat hunting. Our guest is Lauren Bean Buitta from Girl Security on closing the gender gap in national security. Heading back to school in Miami? Not so fast, kids. And in Northumberland? Same goes there. (That’s Northumberland, England, by the way, not Northumberland, Pennsylvania.)